R2D2 robotThis is our after-school program that teaches reading and literacy skills to children in first and second grades.  Out goal is that children read at grade level by the beginning of third grade.

R2D2 meets each Wednesday from 3:30 to 5 p.m.  Get some exercise!  We need volunteers to walk the kids to and from McKinley School.

Research shows that reading aloud to children is vital to their success in school.  Reading aloud helps instill the love of reading, models sentence structure, and increases vocabulary in young children.

Sometimes it is not always what we do that accomplishes results, but how and why we do it.  Just modeling a love of reading, and taking the time to show children that we care about their success makes all the difference in the world to them.

Again this year we are planning a weekly schedule of sharing a story read by you the volunteer, reading and lessons in small groups that introduce sight words, and sight word practice with games and flashcards.

R2D2 Schedule:

  • 3:15 – Walkers arrive at Christ to walk to McKinley to pick-up students
  • 3:30 – Volunteers arrive at Christ to prepare for story reading
  • 3:45 – Students and walkers arrive for welcome and story reading
  • 4:15 – Students go to small groups for reading & sight word practice
  • 4:45 – Students are dismissed for walk back to school
  • 5:00 – Parent pick-up at McKinley

All volunteers will need clearances.  Please call the office at 610.433.4271 if you can help.