We welcome all people to the family of Christ Church. We desire to deepen the faith and commitment of all members by encouraging their participation in the life and ministry of the congregation.  Our purpose is to make Christ Church a caring, warm, and embracing place for all people who delight in worship, scripture study, and community service in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


We resolve to speak and to demonstrate God’s Love to all we meet. We welcome visitors and guests to worship services, Christian Education offerings, and other activities with hospitality and sincerity by acknowledging their presence and extending an invitation to join us at Christ Church.

Activities and Responsibilities                                                                         

Prayer Chain, Greeting Cards, Health Ministries, Welcome Packets,  Membership Directory, Discipleship Team, Web Page, Seasonal and Sunday Flower Delivery, Greeting and Ushering Teams…are all ways you can reach out with God’s Love to fellow members at Christ Church. For ways to get involved in ministries beyond our church family, please see Community Outreach at Christ Church.